10 Funniest Photobombs Ever Captured Camera


Having a bomb makes people think you are a terrorist but there is no law that would prohibit you from photobombing and ruining someone’s photoshoots.

Now such phenomenon as photobombing is quite common in the social media, and it is aimed at making other people feel confused and showing how creepy and reckless you are.

Some photobombers ruin others’ photos deliberately as they desire to see the world burning. But there are people having no evil intentions who accidentally get into the shot. We still have not decided to which category animals belong to, but we are sure that some of our dear friends are aware that they definitely bother their masters this way.

It is time to forget about ordinary pictures! Selfies are not trendy anymore, as now photobombing goes beyond simple entertainment destroying the stereotypes. Why on earth should we follow the rule of thirds and other hackneyed composition rules from textbooks?

  1. Innocent Japanese Schoolgirls

Innocent Japanese Schoolgirls

Japan is notable for strange and unusual things and this picture is a direct evidence of this.

There are rumors that Japanese men who have nothing to do consider it as some competition. When young girls gather together to take a nice picture, someone in the background takes up the challenge.

Slackening a belt and taking the trousers off takes several seconds, and this is enough to be shot by an unlucky photographer.

Photobombers consider it as an art, a challenge and a dangerous contest, as they are always at risk of being caught by the police that sometimes do not take a joke and can charge them with indecent exposal.

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