Some people that survived the impossible, cannot find a logical explanation of what happened. Additional thanks to the miraculous salvation, providence and quick thinking. Anyway, the experience of these amazing people makes think about many things. In this post we will provide you with a list of 10 people who were not supposed to stay alive, but they did it.


10. Roy Sullivan was struck 7 times by lightning. “Achieving of our next hero was placed in the Guinness Book of records. Roy Sullivan, the only person in the world that once survived 7 lightning strikes. He spoke about each of the cases and died at the age of 71 from case, not associated with this natural phenomenon. It’s incredible, but the man managed to die from caused by himself gunshot wounds. Roy worked as a Forester, and remains not clear how he managed to attract lightning strikes. All shocks of electrical discharge were in different parts of the body: fingers, shoulder, ankle, stomach and chest. Twice a man was saved by a hat, one time it burned his eyebrows. Sometimes the lightning strike he lost consciousness, and the last case had the most serious consequences. All these incidents occurred in the period from 1942 to 1977.

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