10 Most Disgusting Jobs in the World

After reading this article, you will start to be more lenient towards his current position, whatever it was. Complaints office clerk or public servant to such people sound like ridicule.


1. Cleaner porno-cinema

First, imagine that is usually done in porno-cinema, and now – what it’s like to clean up. Work for true adventurers.

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2. Cleaner of dead bodies on highway

Worse cleaning in porno-cinema can only be the work of the cleaner of dead bodies on the highway. Here it is necessary to scrub away dead animals from the pavement while trying to make yourself not have to pick up the pieces, it’s all the same highway.

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3. Tech-inseminator in the barnyard

Romantic in this profession very little. The task of these people is to get the sperm of animals. Do it both manually and with the help of special devices.

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4. Sterilizer biologically hazardous substances and medicines

Waste medical industry in the form of remnants of organs and tissues, syringes, teeth and so on are not the most pleasant sight and smell. You need to be incredibly masters to everything to deal with it. The person of this profession runs the risk of Contracting any dangerous virus, for example, from one of the needles.

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5. Service cleaning sewage

It is clear, as are the everyday workers of this profession. Not in the best environment, to put it mildly.

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6. A specialist in slaughtering birds

The representatives of this profession every day slaughtered chickens. Cut their heads off while they are hanging upside down. Besides, the smell and the sight is not pleasant, there is a huge risk of catching bird from a list of all sorts of sickness.

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7. Appraiser gastric gases

Not the most common profession, but there are people who are for it say. Subjects release gases in the tube, and appraisers have to inhale and give their professional assessment.

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8. Armpits smeller

In this work test the deodorants. Subjects applied the product on the skin of the armpits, and the profession sniffing it throughout the day, to understand how smell changes.

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9. Quality controller of cat’s food

Maybe this profession doesn’t look horrible against all the others, but nice in it too little. During the day the controller is forced to smell to determine the freshness of the product, where the bits of bone in food and to remove them to pass food through your fingers and smear it on the surface, to understand, not a lot of cartilage.

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10. Meat butcher

To begin with, that gutting animals just frustrating. Also people who have chosen this hard work, are at great risk of injury from their own tools, and also to catch mad cow disease, E. coli and several other diseases.