As you might’ve already known, tattoo ink is permanent – it’s for life. But sometimes, even a couple of years can turn you into a completely different person that won’t be comfortable with the tats that you were in love with a while ago. Body ink is supposed to represent something important to us, but that thing (or person, maybe) may cease to be significant to us after a short period of time.

And what about cheesy or cheap tattoos that you were not particularly fond of even the day you “put ’em on?” It’s quite easy to ruin a tattoo: the artist could be a sloppy pro, poor ink could spoil it; then you’ve got dangerous/shitty tools (guitar strings, anyone?), plus, an allergic reaction could wreck it. So, something that should’ve been your pride and joy can just as easily turn into your center of humiliation.

Thankfully, all hope is not lost, and a skilled professional can turn a disaster into a piece of art. The next list includes 11 amazing examples of cover-up tattoos that are not only fine as hell but will also make you wonder: Where the hell did the original ink go?


1. A Bad B*tch Instead Of A Freaky Kid

Now that’s how you cover up a creepy tattoo and turn it into one to be proud of.


2. Better Than The Original? Done!

The original tat was kinda funny and ridiculous, while the new art is both sexy, naughty and on point.


3. Switching From Raunchy To Primal

Ok, I admit it: these two tattoos have nothing in common, but, as far as the most preposterous tats go, the one on the left is the worst. The gorilla looks really awesome!


4. Spiders Over Ex-Girlfriends

Lauren was probably the dude’s ex, and the master did a brilliant job of covering it with that menacing spider.


5. The Illuminati Are Here

Hands down, this is one of the best cover-ups in the history of tattoos. Bravo!


6. Making That Rose Bloom Again

The Old tat looks kinda “worn out”, but the new one is flourishing and blooming in a nice way.


7. Tiger To Panda? Why Not?!

I’m not really sure why the guy wanted to ditch the scary tiger and go for that panda-like creature, but it sure does look good.


8. Now That’s A Proper Skull Tat

The original tat looks funny, to be honest, while the new art is equally eerie and beautiful.


9. Anything New Would Look Better

Yep, that happened. The new ink is not the greatest one in history, but, compared to the old one, it’s the obvious champ.


10. The Dark Knight Just Got Darker

That’s what taking it to the next level look like. The new bat is by far my most favorite tat.