6 Plastic Surgeries: Most Disturbing Body Parts

6. Hip Injections for $15 000

Hip Injections for $15 000

The woman spending about $15,000 on illegal hip injections has written a book, in which she casts light on the secrets of cosmetic surgeries on the black market. 30-year-old Vanity Wonder, a mother of two children from Midwest, USA, has told about how she was addicted to silicone injections to make her hips bigger. One of the “Shot Girls” revealed some details of her trying to find and have these injections. She told that she was an assistant of a practitioner on the black market and she told about his patients, among which there were a 17-year-old girl brought in by her own mother and a woman in her seventies with bifocal spectacles and a set of false teeth.

5. + 6 Inches

+ 6 Inches

A man from New York became taller over six inches thanks to the painful process of lengthening his limbs. His height was artificially increased. The motive of Apotheosis (a man’s nickname) undergoing the surgery probably was cosmetic, but, actually, there are many people who suffer from short stature or deformities who already had or are going to have their legs surgically lengthened.

Dr. Dror Paley, a famous orthopaedic surgeon, carried out this surgery. Most patients who consult her at St. Mary’s Medical Center for cosmetic purposes and who are not satisfied with their height suffer from height dysphoria, which Paley thinks is one of those psychologic and psychiatric disorders that, in fact, can be treated on the operating table.

Akash Shukla is one of the patients who decided to have the surgery for cosmetic purposes. When he was 18, he understood that he definitely wouldn’t be taller than 4’11.5″. Shukla was sad about his short height, so he underwent the painful limb-lengthening surgery to become a bit taller. Now he is almost 5’2″ tall, and Shukla’s mood is considerably better.

This rare surgery is carried out by only a few doctors in the USA and its price is approximately $85,000. The procedure is quite painful, lengthy and costly. Despite this description, other many patients like Apotheosis decided to come through it to have a height of which they could only dream.

4. More Than 100 Lip Injections

More Than 100 Lip Injections

A Russian woman who desired of looking like her favorite toon Jessica Rabbit now has the biggest lips in the whole world after enduring more than 100 injections of silicone. 22-year-old Kristina Rei believed that she was not beautiful because of her thin lips so she decided to make them bigger in the style of the toon paying about £4,000 for this.

Kristina admitted that she is addicted to injections but she is still planning to have her so-called trout pout. The price of each injection is almost £40. Moreover, it is a painful procedure but, despite this, the girl says that nothing can stop her.

3. Butt Injections with Tire Sealant

Butt Injections with Tire Sealant

Oneal Morris, a fake doctor from Miami, Florida, offers an unusual solution for those who have “some problems with their hips”. One woman wanted to have more attractive and sexier hips, so the “doctor” injected her with a mixture of cement, Fix-a-Flat tire sealant, fuel oil and superglue. 30-year-old Oneal was detained by the police.

Oneal’s patient asked the fake doctor for making her hips bigger. So, Morris, who, by the way, was born a man but now lives as a woman, made an incision, injected the patient with this incredible solution and then just glued her wound. As a result, the patient got to the hospital in hard condition treated by real doctors with a license. Oneal practiced medicine having no license, so she was arrested. If looking at her arrest photos, it becomes clear that she has “some problems with her hips” as well.

2. “Сoncrete Face Injection“

Сoncrete Face Injection

The photos of another patient of fake doctor Oneal Morris, who has already been mentioned above, demonstrate in what way her face was damaged after an injection with a toxic solution of cement and tire sealing compound. 48-year-old Rajee Narinesingh admits she regrets for visiting this “doctor”, as she ruined her looks. Even the fact that Morris had already been arrested for giving an almost lethal injection to another woman doesn’t comfort her.

Rajee (by the way, she is also a transgendered woman, just like Oneal) now has “lumpy” cheeks, a deformed chin and a puffed upper lip after undergoing the procedure carried out in the staff room.

1. The Biggest Fake Breasts of Europe

The Biggest Fake Breasts of Europe

Beshine has recently won the title of “Biggest Breasts in Europe”. The girl wore once modest “B” cups but, at this moment, due to expander implants that are refilled as regularly as possible, she wears incredible “Z” cups.

Beshine states that backache doesn’t concern her thanks to a strict program of strengthening of back muscles. But, obviously, she has some problems with finding clothes that fit her and, which is not surprising, can’t lie on her stomach, though she still can sleep on her side or back.