If you ask the average person about some significant and important maritime disasters, with a probability of 99% you will be called only “Titanic”. Yes, it was a terrible crash. But in the history there were much larger and more tragic disasters. This article is about some of them.


6. “Mont Blanc”, December 6, 1917

This terrible story began November 25, 1917, when the ship “Mont Blanc” has risen to load in the port of New York. It were loaded with liquid and dry picric acid – 2,300 tons; TNT – 200 tons, gun cotton – 10 tons of benzene in barrels – 35 tons. Ship was bound for Bordeaux, and an intermediate point in the route was the Canadian city of Halifax. Around 7 am, December 6, 1917 “Mont Blanc” started to come into port. At the same time, the Norwegian ship “Imo” began to leave the port. When the ships approached, both the captain began to make risky maneuvers, and as a result, “Imo” rammed “Mont Blanc” on the starboard side.

The ship started a fire, which led to an explosion, resulting in a significant part of the port and the city were completely destroyed. About 2 000 people died under the rubble of buildings and because the explosion occurred after fires. Approximately 9000 people were injured, 400 people have lost their sight. The explosion of the ship “Mont Blanc” is considered the most powerful explosion of pre-nuclear era.

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