6 Scariest Maritime Disasters of the XX Century



5. “Oria”, February 14, 1944


In the fall of 1943, after leaving Italy out of the war and a failed operation Dodecanese allies, the Germans were transported by sea to mainland Greece, tens of thousands of Italian prisoners of war. Oria was one of the ships involved for transportation of Italian prisoners of war. February 11, 1944 the steamboat came to the island of Rhodes, heading for Piraeus, carrying 4,046 Italian prisoners of war (161 officers and 3885 soldiers) and 90 Germans. The next day, the steamboat because of the storm changed course, ran into rocks off the island of Patroklos at Cape Sounion, Attica, and sank. Ships managed to go to the crash site the next day managed to save 21 Italians, 6 Germans and 1 Greek. All the rest, 4074 people died.

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