“Do not touch the works of art” – a simple rule, which is taken almost every gallery and museum in the world. However, for some reason, there are some people, who choose to ignore this rule: some out of curiosity, others out of a desire to take the “cool” selfie. Whatever the motives, eventually priceless works of art suffer.


7. Vases of Qing dynasty

The rule number one for visiting any places with precious works of art: it is always necessary to tie shoelaces. In February 2006, Nick Flynn climbing the stairs inside the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England, when he suddenly stepped on his shoelace unleashed and lost his balance. Involuntarily, waving his arms and trying to grab something (a railing on the stairs was not) he caught three vases of Qing Dynasty 1600 – 1700’s.

Flynn remained intact, but the vase worth about 500,000 lb scattered into small pieces. Flynn, who banned entrance to the museum, called it an ordinary accident. As a result, in August 2006 vases were glued from the 113 pieces, on which it was broken…

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