8 Women Who Look A Lot Younger Than They Are

1. The Ever-Young Mom From Taiwan Has Conquered The Internet With Her Daughters

The Ever-Young Mom From Taiwan Has Conquered The Internet With Her Daughters

We think that when people age, they start to look accordingly. Well, that formula doesn’t seem to affect this lady. Some people just come with awesome genetics that beat the wrinkles, the gray hair, and the sagging skin. Still, the woman in the middle of this photo looks way too young for her age. She’s 63 (!), but you could easily mistake her for the girls next to her. The young lady on the right, by the way, is 41 years old! After this picture created international buzz on the web, she decided to post another shot with her sisters. They are 40 and 36 years old. How does this family look so good?!

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  • 2. The Mother Who Looks Like Her Adorable Twin Daughters

    The Mother Who Looks Like Her Adorable Twin Daughters

    Kaylan posted a regular selfie in her car with her twin and their mom. She didn’t expect the photo to blow up. Now, because the mother looks like she’s their age, people started a guessing game, trying to figure out which one of the three beautiful ladies was the mom. The picture hit the Internet back in 2006 and has 34K retweets and 61K likes. Furthermore, some fans started an inspirational hashtag – #blackdontcrack – accentuating the fact that the black women with smoother skin look great even after 30. Alright, so, which girl is the mother? Tina is on the left, and her gorgeous 16-year-old kiddos are on the right. How does she manage to look so great at 35? She drinks a lot of water and tries to be happy (stress-free). And, she encourages everybody to focus a lot on the beauty that rests deep within ourselves. Do these fine ladies get confused as sisters? All the time!

    3. The Grandma Who Conquered The World With Her Great Looks

    The Grandma Who Conquered The World With Her Great Looks

    At 47, Zaklina has a young daughter and two grandbabies. Yet, she looks like she’s 25. The woman has 200K followers on Instagram and posts beautiful photos about fashion and traveling. At the same time, Zaklina has created a hashtag that clearly suggests she’s a grandma. That means she doesn’t want to be mistaken with a 20+ star on social media. This “old woman” really loves to post pictures of her flawless skin, fascinating makeup, and the expensive clothes. She tries to prove that age doesn’t really matter as long as you’ve got what it takes to look good in different outfits. This is actually a mighty trend on Instagram right now. People aren’t afraid to express themselves and “show off”.

    4. The 50-Year-Old Mother Who Used Surgery To Resemble Her Own Daughter

    The 50-Year-Old Mother Who Used Surgery To Resemble Her Own Daughter

    Are the Cunliffes twins? Not really. They’re family, true, but Janet is the mother! She spent 13K+ on sophisticated plastic surgery in an attempt to “erase” the difference in age (22, by the way) and look exactly like her beautiful kid. Those sexy legs, lush blonde hair and killer figures will make you think that they are, indeed, sisters. The daughter is 2 inches taller, and Jane’s eyes are brown, while the mom has blue eyes. But, apart from that, they look pretty much the same. Modern-day surgery is making wonders happen! Yes, it was a risky procedure, and many things could’ve gone wrong during it. Fortunately, everything panned out, and now Janet can be in one picture with her daughter and look ever better!

    5. This Gorgeous Lady Looks Like Her Boy’s Girlfriend

    This Gorgeous Lady Looks Like Her Boy's Girlfriend

    Pamela is a pretty dame from England, and she looks like a 25-year-old young woman. However, she’s twice that age – she’s 52. Yes, that’s right, and she has a grown-up son who’s 21. The woman’s face and skin are so beautiful that people often think that she’s a student. The gentlemen are always shocked when she tells them she’s 50+. But hey, no woman out there would say that she’s older than she actually is, right? That means Pamela is telling the truth. At the same time, her son is tired of folks calling his mom his girlfriend. So, what’s the secret behind her youth? Healthy food, regular workouts, and coconut oil. Saunas, steam procedures, exfoliation, and sunscreen are all part of the magic. Still, genetics is the answer.

    6. The Two Women Who Look Like Peers

    The Two Women Who Look Like Peers

    These ladies look like your regular friends posting a pic. They hug each other, which means they’re either close friends or family members. Sisters, or maybe just BFFs? Well, yes, they are close relatives, but you would’ve never guessed that they’re mother and daughter! Fans online went crazy when they learned the truth. The babe on the left is 18, while the gorgeous one on the right is her mom, a 36-year-old. She looks fantastic in that outfit and has a marvelous smile that will conquer any man’s heart. Again, they’re not the same age – there’s a huge gap between them. The picture became a hit and has been clicked on more than 450K times. People still argue which one is the mom.

    7. The Japanese Cutie With The “Youth Elixir”

    The Japanese Cutie With The "Youth Elixir"

    These days, when we’ve got Photoshop and other graphic editors, it’s almost impossible to tell whether a certain photo was edited or not. With that said, this pretty Japanese girl can’t be older than 20-22. Yet, she’s 48! Masako is the mother of two children and a popular person on the Internet. Her incredibly young looks have turned her into a megastar in Japan. She was featured in numerous TV programs and has shared some of her tricks with the audience. The woman claims that she spends at least 5 hours a day on perfecting her skin. And, she drinks a lot of water, eats healthy, always picks fresh ingredients, uses vitamin E-based creams, toning, sunscreen, and many other things. She also prefers to have a good night’s sleep as opposed to waking up early. Well, every single woman out there knows about these things, but none of them look just as young as Masako!

    8. A 59-Year-Old Model? Why Not?!

    A 59-Year-Old Model? Why Not?!

    As a general rule, after women turn 30, they kiss their modeling careers goodbye. However, this stunning lady is in the business at the age of 59. Yasmina is a grandma and a famous fashion model who has been working with many internationally-known brands. Hands down, every woman out there wants to look like her at that age. So, what techniques does she use? Nothing otherworldly. She’s a big fan of organic food and likes to oil her skin. Plus, she scrubs her glossy skin once in 7 days. Organic fish, meat, and fruit (like avocado) are her favorites. The successful model is also a ceramist and a photographer. As you can see, Jasmina doesn’t use any expensive and/or scary procedures to look young at ~60. The secret lies in being happy, avoiding stress, sticking true to the schedule and always eating healthy food. She’s been doing it for decades, which might be the answer to her beauty.