8 Women Who Look A Lot Younger Than They Are

2. The Mother Who Looks Like Her Adorable Twin Daughters

The Mother Who Looks Like Her Adorable Twin Daughters

Kaylan posted a regular selfie in her car with her twin and their mom. She didn’t expect the photo to blow up. Now, because the mother looks like she’s their age, people started a guessing game, trying to figure out which one of the three beautiful ladies was the mom. The picture hit the Internet back in 2006 and has 34K retweets and 61K likes. Furthermore, some fans started an inspirational hashtag – #blackdontcrack – accentuating the fact that the black women with smoother skin look great even after 30. Alright, so, which girl is the mother? Tina is on the left, and her gorgeous 16-year-old kiddos are on the right. How does she manage to look so great at 35? She drinks a lot of water and tries to be happy (stress-free). And, she encourages everybody to focus a lot on the beauty that rests deep within ourselves. Do these fine ladies get confused as sisters? All the time!

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