On the planet there are approximately 3% of weirdos (officially recognize themselves as such). They too, like all, get married. And, of course, their wedding shocking the surrounding “conservative” society. If you haven’t already determined for yourself whether you want your ceremony to replenish one millionth 97% of statistics are normal (ordinary!) weddings, or, conversely, to join those who live against the rules, read our article! After all, here you will find something that will change your view on the course of the marriage turned on its head!

 So, our rating of the most unusual weddings in the world!


9. Wedding in the Nude or Nude wedding

First officially mentioned in the media exhibitionists, who have decided to come to the altar, in the buff, were Australians Ella Barton and Phil Hendicott. The couple believe that “marriage is the new period of life in which it is not necessary to bring anything from the past, including, and clothing.” During the wedding ceremony (which was held in front of 250 spectators) from “clothing” Bridal was the only ring. Oh Yes, miss Ella decided at the last moment to add to your outfit a long veil and a wedding bouquet of white roses. And Mr. Phil covered with black cylinder … well, you know that. After the Australians, to shock others in a similar way, began the couple in different parts of the world.

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