9 Scary Olympic Injuries

  1. Concluding the exercise, the gymnast landed on her head



Ellie Downie was only 17 when she was predicted to make history and become the star of the Olympic Games in Rio. But she almost had to say the dream goodbye because of a tragic error during one of the exercises. It happened while the women’s gymnastics qualification round.


Ellie performed brilliantly the qualification exercises on the uneven bars and balance beam. On the floor routine, she attempted to make a flip with two-and-a-half twists directly into a tucked front flip. But something went wrong; she lost the control of her body and landed right on her head and neck. However, the gymnast tried to finish the exercise but stepped off the mat.

The trainers and doctors have helped her and the girl was taken to the hospital. Fortunately, she didn’t receive the serious injuries and she was able to participate in the competition on vault and reached the final of the all-around.

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