Top 8 Amazing Facts About Australia

All jokes about potential hazards with which you can face in Australia that you see on the Internet are really justified. This continent at the bottom of the map was discovered by James Cook. The land was isolated from the […]

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10 Of the Most Unique and Amazing Swimming Pools

Over the years, humankind achieved glorious and truly breath-taking results in architecture and engineering. The 21st century brought us gigantic buildings, artificial islands and all kinds of other blood-chilling and heart-warming man-made monuments. Today we can turn the world around […]

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The Top 10 Most Famous Festivals

History of national holidays, parades, carnivals, festivals, torchlight processions — is rooted in a century, and today people are once again returning to basics: sew lavish costumes, made colorful scenery, colorful characters and props. Sometimes, in the organization of processions […]

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