Five the Most Horrible Fridays, the 13th in a History


5. The Crash of “Costa Concordia”
January 13th, 2012 will be long remembered by the passengers of the cruise liner Costa Concordia, which collided with a stone reef, received a 53 meters hole and started to sink. The crew of the ship failed a rescue mission, and the captain, Francesco Schettino, according to eyewitnesses, first left the ship (now being challenged in court) and didn’t send a distress signal. The disaster killed 32 people.

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4. Disaster of FH-227 from the Uruguayan air force
October 13th, 1972 in the Andes crashed the turboprop FH-227 Uruguayan air force, on Board of which were five crew members and 40 passengers – members of the local Rugby team, their families and sponsors. The first 12 people died immediately after the crash. Survivors had no warm clothes, no medicine, no food. Eight people some time later were killed by an avalanche.
The authorities stopped the searching operation on the eighth day, and the victims of the disaster were left to themselves. 16 people survived only due to the fact that two passengers made a 10-day crossing through the mountains and stumbled upon a Chilean farmer, who informed the authorities about the crash.

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3. Shipwrecked of Thomas W. Lawson
December 13th, 1907 schooner Thomas W. Lawson crashed, it was the largest ship in its class. It is noteworthy that the ship was named in honor of the author of the book “Friday the thirteenth”. Almost the entire team except two people died.

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2. The fate of the ship Friday the 13th
There is a legend that Britain had built a ship called Friday the 13th. In the first voyage the ship went just on Friday 13th. Since that day, the ship was never seen again, like the sailors from its team.

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1. Hurricane in South Asia
November 13th, 1970 in Chittagong, Bangladesh, the hurricane has killed about 300 thousand people. The subsequent flooding of the Ganges river has claimed another million lives. Destroyed by the storm, the district was cut off from the outside world. Horrible unsanitary conditions in which there were people who became the reason of epidemic of cholera. From the terrible disease had subsequently died a few thousand people a day.