Amazing Facts About Australia

20 facts about Australia 20. A former Australian Prime Minister Robert Hawke was a record for drinking beer rate – for 11 seconds, he was able to drink 1 yard (1.7 liters) of beer. He believed that due to his […]

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Top 10 Most Unusual Varieties of Cucumbers

Almost everybody at least once has heard the comparison “like a cucumber”. But usually we think about crunchy green and sweet cucumber from our grandma’s gardens, and not the examples that we provide in the review. These cucumbers are so […]

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9 Most Unusual Weddings in the World

On the planet there are approximately 3% of weirdos (officially recognize themselves as such). They too, like all, get married. And, of course, their wedding shocking the surrounding “conservative” society. If you haven’t already determined for yourself whether you want […]

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