12. Netball
Netball is a female basketball. The game is not widespread, although it appeared in 1891. However, the game was in the program of the 2012 Olympic Games. I won’t miss a match.

11. Field hockey

It is a pity there aren’t many broadcast matches of this wonderful sport. The girls are pretty and they have a great sports uniform.

10. Football

 Many people may think this sport is not worth to be on this list, but I’ll add it. Well, they have long shorts, but maybe they’ll change it.

9. Golf

Women’s golf is not attractive at all to the addicted fans of this sport. It is not spectacular, and girls hardly throw a 50-yards ball. But who cares about this stupid game? The most interesting thing is beautiful girls wearing short skirts, not the game.

8. Tennis

 I have loved tennis for a long time. I remember I used to cheer up for Martina Hingis. She was a pretty tennis player. But I don’t watch the broadcasts with Williams manlike sisters, they are terribly ugly.

7. Gymnastics

 I understand nothing about this sport. But I really like svelte girls in sexual leopard uniforms.


 It’s hard to ignore athletics. Girls wear short tight shorts. It supposedly gives them some advantages. I do not know whether this is true, but let them continue to think so, they are pleasant to look at.


Unfortunately, I don’t know who invented the uniform for women’s volleyball, but I want to thank him for that.

4. Cheerleading

Do you think this is not a sport? But what about cheerleading championships? So, I consider it to be a sport and give it the honorable fourth place.

3. Surfing

 It’s another unpopular sport, but it deserves close attention.

2. Figure Skating

Dresses, skirts, shorts … Girls are free to choose uniform, but that’s good they always prefer shorter ones.


1. Beach volleyball

Yes, I gave it the first place. Beautiful girls in a bikini at the warm seaside…