Top 5 The Most Dangerous Meals For Human’s Health And Life

Did you know that there are dishes, which can become your last life lesson? Don’t you believe? Look at the five unusual dishes, from which few people die each year.


5. The puffer fish. According to Japanese chefs, eating a puffer fish resembles a roulette. The fish contains the poison called tetrodotoxin, a few drops which completely paralyze the person. Prepare the puffer fish only allowed to the best chefs who have completed hard training. However, it doesn’t prevent at least 10 deaths annually. Surprisingly, the fish itself is not poisonous. This property it acquires after eating other marine animals (mainly starfish and coquina). So restaurants can grow it safely. However, the demand on this fish is low, because it’s taste is not very delicious, the main goal is thrill. Here they are, the Japanese.

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