World Stars Whose Talent Was Discovered by Accident

Charlize Theron

The international critics claim that Charlize Theron became one of the greatest actresses of our time thanks to her constant bursts of anger and strong will. Back when the future superstar was just a 19-year-old girl, she moved to Los-Angeles, but, she was failing at getting an acting gig in the city. Thankfully, her mom was supporting her dreams and sent her a small check from SA (South Africa, her homeland). However, the staff at the bank refused to serve the young lady. Obviously, Charlie was furious, and she started screaming at the teller. Believe it or not, the gentleman at the bank standing behind the troubled gal was a talent agent for the acting industry. And, he was impressed enough to give Theron his card. Twelve months later, the natural-born actress got her first-ever role in a horror movie – Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest.

Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson’s rise to the pedestal began with the help of beer. In ’89 the blonde was at a football game with her BFFs, and a photo of her in a beer shirt (Labatt Blue, to be exact), ended up on the Jumbotron. The mogul was doing some promotional duties that day and the company officials asked Pam to go out onto the field to get her share of applause. That’s when she “skyrocketed” to the top. She got a big part on Home Improvement; next, Anderson stole the hearts and minds of men in Baywatch.

Johnny Depp


The superstar entered the world of acting while he was trying to help his buddy out: he drove the guy to an audition, and Johnny caught the director’s eye in the back. He asked Depp to recite the part of the heroine’s boyfriend. That’s how he got his memorable role of Glen in the A Nightmare on Elm Street movie, which gave his career a nice boost. By the way, his mate was none other than Jackie Earle Haley, the actor who later portrayed Rorschach in the critically-acclaimed Watchmen movie. Still, he could never compete with Johnny’s level of fame…

Channing Tatum


It’s no secret now that Channing Tatum used to be just like his character in Magic Mike – a male stripper. Yep, after high school, the handsome fella said “No” to a football scholarship and moved to the shiny state of Miami. He did all kinds of strange things, including being a stripper. So, one regular day, Channing was enjoying a quiet walk on the street and an agent in the acting biz noticed his good looks and great shape. Next, he booked Tatum for a few modeling gigs. After that, the celebrity did tons of commercials for television, appeared in some music videos, and, eventually, became a movie actor. Aha, we’ve got that agent to thank for Channing’s huge success!

Jennifer Lawrence


When Lawrence was just a 14-year-old teenager, a scout asked her mom to take a picture of the cheerful girl. They were in NY at that time, and the two gladly agreed. Well, it was a bit creepy, if you think of it, but, thankfully, it all went great. Soon, little Jenny started to get calls from all kinds of agencies that wanted to check her out on their auditions. In 2010, she landed her game-changing role in Winter’s Bone. And today, Lawrence is one of the most successful actresses out there. Hey, you do know she’s the lead actress in The Hunger Games, right?

Natalie Portman


Portman was lucky enough to get some recognition when she was a 10-year-old kid. When she was enjoying her food in a pizza joint in Long Island, an excited makeup agent approached her and offered her a modeling job. However, Natalie kindly refused the offer, as she wanted to dedicate all of her free time to her acting career. From that moment, she knew she had to land a “buzzy” role. The part in The Professional gave her career the necessary nudge. After that, Portman became an international superstar.

Sarah Michelle Gellar


When Sarah was an adorable 4-year-old moppet, she was noticed by an agent who was fascinated by her natural talent. The funny part is – she was just an audience member at a show, not one of the competing kids! Two weeks later, Gellar was auditioning for her very first role on national television. Yes, that’s exactly how the future Buffy the Vampire Slayer squeezed into the acting world. She sure did start early, and she’s got a few memorable roles in her career (yet, Buffy is still her biggest one to date).

Marilyn Monroe


Did you know that Norma Jeane (that’s Monroe’s real name, by the way) used to work at a regular munitions factory? That’s true! She was making sure the numerous parachutes were sturdy and operational and “blessing” planes with fire retardant. She got lucky when a photographer with the US army took a picture of the beauty while she was putting that work in. He told her that she was the most gorgeous woman he’s ever met and encouraged her to start a modeling career. Next, Marilyn turned into a sizzling hot blonde and conquered the world!

Ashton Kutcher


Ashton wasn’t doing particularly well when a talent scout discovered him. Kutcher was drinking his life away at a bar near his university, but the agent managed to persuade him to join a modeling competition. Ash was more than happy to participate, and, lucky for him, his first tryout was a big success. Soon after that, he started joining numerous modeling contests and prevailed in most of them. That’s how he became a professional actor with more than enough significant roles behind his back.

Mel Gibson


Gibson was acting a fool and messing around in Australia, and, when he drove his good friend to a film audition, he won the director over with his beaten-up face. That’s right – he was in a classic bar fight the night before, which left him with a couple of cuts and a broken nose. The director thought he was perfect for a particular part in his breakthrough movie, Mad Max. Needless to say, Mel became an international superstar shortly after he landed that role.

Will Smith


Smith was doing pretty great with his rap career but got lost one day when he was on his way to a fancy sporting event. Will stopped a vehicle in the lot, hoping the driving would know where it was going down. To his surprise, the man he asked for directions was Mr. Medina, a big shot at Warner Brothers. The VP knew who the black fella was and thought that he would be just the ideal man for the main role in an upcoming show on TV that was heavily based on Benny’s own life. At that moment, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was “conceived”!

Christie Brinkley


Can you guess where Brinkley got her start in the modeling world? In a post office in France, the city of love! Sawyer, a professional photographer from the States, was captivated by her and took several pictures of the stunning young lady. Next, he introduced Christie to the Elite Model Management “headquarters” in Paris. From that moment on, the mesmerizing beauty has been one of the most famous and most photographed women in the US. She took the fashion industry by storm!